How To Clean An Instant Pot

" Instant Pot, the modern era miraculous appliance. Within years, this multi-purpose kitchen appliance had made away over many homes. This wonderful appliance has made cooking very effective, attractive and interesting. It has become very famous among the crowd within a limited time.

You must have searched a lot before purchasing an Instant Pot. Must have watched many videos to look at the working of it. But what now, when you are an owner of an Instant Pot? Do all your surveys are over? It's not. I must say you are now very familiar with your owned Instant Pot.

You must have learned how to deal with and operate it. But your job doesn't end here. You should also be aware of the cleaning process of your Instant Pot. We clean our daily utensils to use it again in a better way; soo concept applies to your Instant Pot. In this article, we'll look at the deep cleaning process for an Instant Pot, in detail, step by step. Removing lid, cleaning it, again installing it and to make sure pressure's developing or not. All these are just a new job for you if you'd never done it properly before.

Beside this, there are other parts too that can make is cleaning even more complicated for you. For example, float valve, stream release handle, etc.. You might now be wondering what do these parts are needed to be clean? Yes, of course, some of the sticky food materials may enter these parts and can create a problem in pressure building.

Before having a look at the detailed process to clean your Instant Pot, let us first have a view of the things to be required for proper cleaning of your appliance. For this, you'll need a cotton or damp cloth, vinegar, dish soap, and a scrub brush.

Step 1 - Plug-Off Your Appliance:- Your appliance is an electrical device and dealing it with water without plugging it off, can put you in danger. At the same time, look at the plug wire and make sure that there are no scratches or cuts. Make your device insulation super strong for any leakage of charge. Also, make sure that your device is cooled down before you begin. 

Step 2- Remove The Lid and Metal Pot:- Next, you have to remove the upper lid and the metal container for making cleaning deep and better. You can clean/wash the lid and the pot even in the dishwasher. Also, use a small brush to clean the dry food particles from the corners of the lid. To avoid bad odours place the lid upside down in the pot and dry it completely.

 Step 3 - Clean The Exteriors:- Use cotton or damp cloth to wipe the stains away from the Instant Pot. Don't use a rough cloth to complete this step, as this would lead to a permanent stain. You can complete this step on a daily basis, after using your appliance. Make sure you dry your device before having it for use. 

Step 4 - Remove Dried Food Particles:- You may come across with this problem that some dried food remainings get stuck on the corners or cracks of your appliance. Take a small brush to clean the remainings. 

Step 5 - Wash The Lid:- For proper maintenance of your Instant Pot, wash the lid properly in a warm and soapy water. You can wash the lid by hand or even in a dishwasher. If you would allow your appliance to cool down naturally, on its basis, then your lid will be cleaner.Do this step periodically, but clean your lid on a regular basis with a dry cloth. 

Step 6 - Remove Steam-release Handle:- Next, you have to remove the stream release handle carefully by pulling it outwards. At the same time, clean all the food particles gathered at the cracks and corner. Removing the stream-release gently is there only precaution you should keep in mind while performing this step. 

Step 7 - Remove Anti-block Shield:- To clean the float valve, you have to remove the anti-block shield from the underside of your lid. Wipe the valve to make it clean. Once the cleaning is done, reput the float valve back in its position and rearrange anti-block shield by tightening it with the help of your hands. Note, if you use quick release feature regularly, then don't forget to clean/detach your anti-block shield at regular intervals. 

Step 8 - Clean Float Valve:- For proper cleaning of float valve, remove the silicone ring and clean all the parts. Do not fix it back in its position, until it is completely dry. To check the installation of float valve, check its movement by turning it on and off, if the movement is proper, then it is fixed correctly. 

Step 9 - Check The Silicon Ring:- This step is the most important one while cleaning your Instant Pot. Firstly, remove the rubber ring carefully and examine its physical condition. Make sure it does not have any cuts or any physical deformity. We heard about a common problem associated with the ring, that is its stubborn smell. To fix this problem, soak your silicone ring in vinegar for some time, and then wash it to remove smells. Gently, reattach the ring properly to avoid any problem in pressure cooking. 

Step 10 - Clean the Steel Pot:- Clean the Steel Pot and also the steam rack with your hands or dishwasher. Clean the interior of pot properly. Cleaning your steel pot after every usage is recommended. To maintain the best quality of your steel pot or to avoid rainbows effect, clean or soak the inner part of it with the vinegar. Also, avoid using sharp utensils to saute the food, as this would scratch the pot. Step

 Step 11 - Rearrange All Parts:- Make sure you rearrange all the parts properly. Check the silicone ring, float valve, and other parts. Also, check that appliance is dry, not even moisture is allowed. Once all the attachments are fixed, plug-in your magical appliance and begin your smart cooking. Simply, follow these steps to enhance your Instant Pot durability and stability.

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