Instant Pot: Tips For Beginners

Instant Pot is a seven in one, multipurpose appliance that has made cooking easier, to a next level. It works on electric power and supports various types of cooking.

There are various cooking options available on its panel which includes, soup, meat, bean, poultry, rice, multigrain, porridge, steam, slow cook, saute, and yogurt making. In other words, it is a smart cooker that has made cooking soo stylish and attractive.

If you've owned your Instant Pot but is still confused that how to begin with this miraculous appliance, then don't worry. In this article, we'll be dealing and sharing all the tips which one should know before beginning with Instant Pot. First of all, you should know your Instant Pot properly. 

For this, we will now explain you its three basic functions. 

So quickly, let's begin it:- Saute:- This mode permits you to do the deep cooking. You can saute your vegetables, meat with the lid being off when you begin your cooking. You can even use this mode to thicken your sauces or to make dish dry. You can turn the temperature low for simmer, normal for sauteing and high for browning. To pause the saute mode at any time, press the keep warm/cancel button. 

Manual Cooking:- Although your Instant Pot has many programs separately, still for certain type of cooking, manual mode is required. This mode allows you to set the cooking time manually. To begin with, manual cooking, add all your ingredients to the pot and put on the lid, take a look that floats valve is in 'sealing' position.

Now press the 'manual' button, 30-minute default timing appears on the screen. Use key (+) or (-) to adjust the timing. Just after 10 seconds, the cooking begins. To know how much time is required to cool your dish, you'd to play a little maths. Once you set the timing, it takes around 10-15 minutes to attain full pressure cooking.

 Cooking is done at high pressure when you are in Manual mode. To cook at lower pressure, press the Pressure Key, just after setting the cooking time. Keep Warm.

Cancel:- This button allows you to stop cooking at any time whenever you want. When you press this button, it turns your Instant Pot on standby mode.

If you press this button in standby mode, it'll begin warm function, that can be used to keep your meal warm. Use the (+) or (-) key to adjust the temperature. Preferred Timing For Various 



Slow Cooker:- Deep cooking. Cook time- 4 hours (240 mins).

Soup:- High-pressure cooking. Cook time- 30 minutes.

Meat:- High-pressure cooking. Cook time- 35 minutes.

Yoghurt:- Low-pressure cooking. Cook time- can be set at any time.

Bean/chilli:- High-pressure cooking. Cook time- 30 minutes.

Poultry:- High-pressure cooking. Cook time- 15 minutes.

Multigrain:- High-pressure cooking. Cook time- 40 minutes.

Steam:- High-pressure cooking. Cook time- 10 minutes. 

Porridge:- High-pressure cooking. Cook time- 20 minutes.

Rice:- Low-pressure cooking. Cook time- based on the amount of rice and water. 

Common Tips, you must know:-

1) Don't mess yourself with cook time:- Your Instant Pot needs time to heat up and begin its job. Add about 10 minutes to your total cook time when you add all the ingredients. Suppose, you are suggested to cook your meal for 30 minutes, but as told your Pot to require an initial time of about 10 minutes to heat up. So your cooking time is now changed to 40 minutes.

2) No need to thaw Frozen ones:- The benefit you receive with your Instant Pot is, you do not have to defrost your frozen ingredients before pouring it. Add all the ingredients to the pot and start your instant pot. You just had to add few more minutes to your total cook time.

3) Set The Venting Knob:- Don't forget to set the Venting Knob. Before you begin your program cooking set the Venting Knob, if you don't di soo, the pot will ruin all your food. Later, you have to begin your cooking again.

4) Quick Release VS Natural Release:- Quick Release- It takes 1-2 minutes to release by turning the venting knob. Natural Release- When you leave your venting knob alone and allow pressure to release naturally, on its own, this is called natural release. It takes about 15 minutes to release. You will be alerted when the pin drops.

5) Make sure you have enough liquid in your Instant Pot:- Cooking in an Instant Pot takes place with the release of steam, so must take care that there is plenty of water when it is steel pot cooking mode. If there's not sufficient moisture in the pot, your food could even burn.

6) Avoid Too Much Water:- Too much liquid as an ingredient in your Instant Pot can ruin the flavours away from your dish. So make sure your steel pot contains an adequate amount of water. 

7) Clean the silicone ring regularly:- Do not forget to clean your silicone ring at regular periods. You might be complaining about the stubborn smell of the ring. To fix the problem was the ring properly or soak it in vinegar for some time. Wash it properly, before using it.

8)Easily Remove Burnt Stain:- Suppose, you experiment a new dish with your Instant Pot which gone wrong and leaves behind dirty burnt stains. What should you do now? Soak the steel pot with warm water and take small balls of aluminium foil. Start scrubbing gently and get rid of the problem.

9) Keep Distance With your Instant Pot:- Make sure you always keep your hand and face away from the steam release valve. This can even harm you. Also, remember to place your Instant Pot in an open area which makes steam release easier.

  • April 22, 2018
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